About Us

The YMCA Digital Studio Mission Statement:

To engage the talent and skill of Gambian youth in creating high-quality media productions.

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Through a youthful lens
The YMCA Digital Studio is a production unit working to produce high quality video, audio, animation, and multimedia presentations. The production team is made up of highly qualified young people from throughout The Gambia who bring motivation, energy, and focus to our productions.

The production team wishes to invite you to join in our efforts to enhance the media literacy of all Gambians. By working with the YMCA Digital Studio you are not only helping young Gambians improve their media skills, but you are also providing a solid foundation for the future of quality media in the country.

We hope to hear from you soon. Together we can help the Gambian youth to enhance their media production skills as well as create a positive atmosphere that encourages an active role in media.

Updated: Feb 2012